The brand new DecoCircle will be a serious option for us

Date: 03-08-2010 Written by: Atse Blei


The DecoBasic wasn´t the appropriate machine for our needs, the production rate simply didn´t meet our requirements. So we part exchanged it with DecoMachines’ rental department for another cutting machine with a continuous brick transport which was fully refurbished. We also added an ergonomic unloading/loading device including scissor lifts with turning facilities for the operators benefit. This all was delivered by Jos Verheijen through his renewed company The re-designed slip cutting plant under construction will be equipped with space for additional capacity and perhaps the brand new DecoCircle after leaving the testing sequence and soon introduced on the market will be a serious option for us by that time. Who knows in the hands-free version... 



Atse Blei August 2010: Managing Director of Brick Works de Rijswaard , NL-Rijswaard