Renaissance of Jos Verheijen

Date: 03-10-2009 Written by: Jos C.C. verheijen Email:


now back on his own feet with the new engineering works


He needed a long year to recover from his German adventure and used this time to re-investigate the market requirements. He is fully back with the introduction of new low cost machines for cutting fired brick and texturing of extruded clay columns. 


His former program for surface working equipment needed updating to incorporate the latest technology and give better value for money. It has resulted in two brand new innovative machines. One of them is the patented DecoBasic® for brick slip and slip return cutting and this one is just in time ready to be launched at the Ceramitec on 20 -23 October. Also the DecoImprint®, so far called the Rusticator, will be introduced with pictures and videos. As his motive to respond to market demands for inexpensive and high volume machines will never end, there is more to expect in the coming months. Latest at Bauma 2010 possibly three new machines will be launched, completing the program for all requirements of the brick manufacturing and the brick trading industry.


Naturally we will remain supporting the sales of filter installations for dust extraction based on Handte wet filters. Also our new, very attractively priced, range of Deco Saw Blades for cutting soft mud and extruded bricks and Deco Texturing Belts will be shown.