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Date: 04-12-2013 Written by: Jos C.C. Verheijen Email:


Former Straight Line cutting machine updated in Junior design

Initiated by the Polish rep Adam Ogrodowczyk, Jos and his team re-introduced a former Verheijen Equipment machine during this autumn 2013. It cuts large amounts of stretcher slips with diamond blades on a continious conveyor.

Two conditions were crucial: simple and very safe to operate. So, with our 35 years of experience we updated the well known continuous rubber belt conveyor / saw units type to the present standards of technology using our skills of smart engineering.

Finding a name was simple by shortcutting the original one and 6 weeks later the DecoJunior was born.


What did we alter?

  1. Customer wanted to become independent of place and we designed a 800 liter water collector bin under the machine;
  2. we wanted to present more loading and unloading time, thus we extended the spaces for the operators;
  3. we simplified the saw units and developed brand new 7,5 kW saw motors with water-through shafts for a higher production rate at harder bricks;
  4. We wanted to make it easier to change belts for various sized bricks like BS and NF and developed better PU belts with perfect waste water draining;
  5. we decreased the weight of machine without losing stability, also decreased the number of machine parts and introduced hot bath zinc dipping of all metal parts apart from the Inox components and finally:
  6. The price of the machine became lower than ever before: not more expensive than 60.000 €, commissioned in the EU, and that was the goal.


To celebrate this introduction we offer following:

at the next two DecoJunior slip cutting machines

and to underline our competence

also at the two DecoBasic machines at stock


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50 % of all automatic brick slip cutting is done on Verheijen and Deco® machines. Yours too?