DecoUni and DecoBasic experience during 14 years

Date: 03-04-2014 Written by: Jos C.C. verheijen Email:


We visited both brick cutting machines in an English brick works this month. For a major part of the group members they cut on a daily bases for panels and less at customer demands. The DecoUni is already into operation since 2000, the DecoBasic just 3 years. Ever since the cutters are in production they have hardly been taken out for maintenance or low seasons, the DecoUni a bit more than its successor. It was striking to notice that the DecoUni machine could well cope with its machine next to it with regards to the output per shift. This shows again that the figures achieved per head are a lot depending on the operators performance and commitment. We keep telling this to those potential customers whom we are in discussion with. The main variable however will always remain the hardness of the bricks.

They 8 hours output was 2.500 slips of BS size of a variation of bricks types: more soft mud than extruded bricks. This is the figure that is told to us regularly and can be achieved in good cooperation with the blade supplier.

Another item that caught our attention was that maintenance costs for the DecoBasic hardly occur. After inspection there was no play detection at all in the the moving parts, but due to its simplicity this was not to be expected when the maintenance schedule is followed.

We also noticed that there was no rust tracable at all, something that was practice in the last line of machines as DecoLine and DecoRing. So it appears that sink spray, additional layers of coating and stainless steel applications make sence: the DecoBasic was in a perfect condition after almost 1.000.000 movements of the saw blade pendula! That was well appriciated obviously by the machine operator who also cleanes his machine daily after the shifts. This does not only make his work easier, but also more pleasant…….