DecoJunior brick cutter at last available for our needs.

Date: 05-12-2013 Written by: Michał Judkowiak


After a vain search for second hand Verheijen cutting machines that convey the bricks in a continious way through diamond saw blades, we were surprised by the initiative of Adam Ogrodowicz who represents Verheijen Equipment and  Machinefabriek, now called over here in Poland.


He convinced Jos Verheijen that designing a updated DecoLine Junior at low costs would be interesting for all companies that mainly cut soft mud bricks into brick slips. The update suited us so we decided to purchase this machine without having seen it running.


Since we can operate it from this summer 2013 we notice that we increased the productivity for slips  substancially. Both operators who run the cutting site collect their bricks and store it themselves with the fork lift truck and cut  the bricks at a rate of 13,5 pieces per minute. The shift production turns out in a volume of over 12.000 WF slips , incorporating a reject of 5 % broken slips.


A point of particular interest remains the water volume that we plan to recycle. It was more than expected and we will take additional measurements by installing settling tanks outside to cope with the flow rate



Michał Judkowiak December 2013: Właściciel BUDMAR Judkowiak Sp. J., PL-Przeźmierowo