We have two systems for the recycling of waste water from the cutting machines It concerns one system for the recycling of 18m3 and our largest one filters 30 m3/h.

They do not differ apart from their capacity. From the components mentioned below the filter will become a bit smaller, and the pumps are smaller requiring less power. There is one choice to be made depending on the building height: we recommend a circular filter beyond a square one because for its better resistance against the water pressure.

DecoFilter® 30

Capacity: 30 m3/h
Contamination: Sludge of brick cutting or grinding of a mix of major brick
and concrete products
Filtering quality: ≤ 0.001 g/m3
Total power requirement: 10 kW


The 30 m3/h installation consists of:

- Stainless Steel Sedimentation Tank

Diameter Ø 2,500 mm
Height 6,500 mm
Submerge pump power 4,6 kW
Total power 13 kW max.
Exit diameter 80 mm
Capacity at 13 m height 500 l/min


- Dehydrator, equipped with 2 large filter bags 
(which hold 1000 kg mud each) which can be rapidly dehydrated and easily replaced.
The bags can be removed from the unit by means of a forklift truck or a crane.

Width 2,750 mm
Length 1,250 mm
Height 2,000 mm


- Water aspiration pump
A submerged pump with stainless steel rotors
Performance: 500 l/min., 13 m lift


- Systems for the automatic discharge of the sludge
- security valve
- manual valve in a stop cock driven by an electric valve
- pneumatic valve in an open cock driven by an electric valve, so that it cleans all the pipes at the end of sludge discharge operations.


- Flocculent Station for the preparation and dosage of flocculent material CWL 47
equipped with: 
- reservoir in stainless steel version for the preparation of flocculent with the capacityof 300 lt. provided with a stirrer 0,18 kW
- 1 dosing pump with plunger pumping head AISI 316 at variable flow, positioned at the bottom.
The lower reservoir with the following features:

Power 0.37 kW
Flow from 0 to 55 l/hour
Operating pressure 2 max. 6 bar


- Dosing pump with timer for the dosing of flocculent material CWL 41

Flow from 0 to 1 l/hour
Operating pressure max. 10 bar
Pump head PVC
Nipples and filter polyethylene
Suction hose PVC flexible

- Group of high pressure pumps with two pumps
and a preloaded tank (accumulator ) of 300 l capacity.
- One of the pumps is for emergency situations.
The pressure pump sends the purified water from the clear water tank to the working machines

- Polyethylene Tank for the collection of clear water

Diameter Ø 2,000 mm
Height 2,350 mm
Capacity 6,000 l

- Control panel according to CE rules
made of varnished steel and consisting of:
- main switch
- selector at 2 and 3 positions
- fuse protections
- remote control switch and motor protector
- light signals of working and stop
- plates with description
- accident prevention device
- voltage on request

- Set of spare parts for the start-up of the system 
consisting of:
- 4 perforated 1,000 l big bags
- 20 l of CWL 41 flocculants,
- 10 kg CWL 47 powder, both suitable to bridge one months
- We will advise your local supplier for next spare part deliveries during commissioning

Description of the operating mode
The dirty water coming from the cutting machines, is collected into a specially shaped sump. From there, a submerged pump (according to the size of the system) levels its content continuously into the settling tank.

This stainless steel settling tank is equipped with a bell shut off flow system inside to speed up the sedimentation of the solids, present in the water.

The purified water on the top of the sludge layer flows into the clean water tank. A pressure pump using one or two pumps with accumulator transports the water to the production machines and a channel cleaning system.
The sludge in the tank cone is sent directly to the filtering bags through a pneumatic valve. The final dewatered sludge in the filtering bags can be recycled in the brick industry or is often collected for free.

To maximize the settling of the sludge for the best water quality, we make use of two flocculent components (chemical not- corrosive product) collected in suitable tanks and injected in the right quantity by means of metering pumps.


Our water purification system is fully automatically running due to its switch box, level control and bypass system which serves to bridge times of no water demand.


Specifications of the machines are subject to alterations due to continuous integration of latest technology.