Shall we share skills?

Make the difference in the market with our Rusticator and develop all possible new facing brick types. Earn more by delivering large numbers of brick slips rapidly with our safe brick cutting machines purchased or rented.


Brick Cutting

Deco® cutting machines

For exterior cladding with real bricks we design several kinds of fired brick cutting machines. In semi- or fully automatic version and also suitable for concrete and sand lime products.
Brick Cutting

DecoImprint® texturing machine

Behind the extruder press you will find our texturing machine that makes the green brick rustical. Machine sands, imprints, colours and finishes the new brick.

Dedicated tools

Lots of polyurethene profiling belts for the Engels Rusticator – Tebberman - Rustic@tor - DecoImprint® texturing machines for green brick and diamond tipped saw blades for cutting on semi- and fully automatic Verheijen and Deco® fired brick cutting machines.



  • DecoJunior brick cutter at last available for our needs.
    After a vain search for second hand Verheijen cutting machines that convey the bricks in a continious way through diamond saw blades, we were surprised by the initiative of Adam ...
    Micha┼é Judkowiak December 2013 W┼éa┼Ťciciel BUDMAR Judkowiak Sp. J., PL-Prze┼║mierowo

  • The DecoBasic is an excellent machine for us
    To cope with the growing demand for slips. With the uncertainty of the market place we prefer to rent the machine. If or when the market place settles down we ...
    Duncan Cunningham March 2012 Managing Director of Phoenix Building Products , GB-Burstow

  • Both Deco machines that we maintain solidly will serve us for many years more
    We are quite capable to continue the production of slips and slip returns with our existing cutting machines after the take over by the Wienerberger group. The retired management made ...
    Marc Kellens February 2012 Quality and R&D Manager Division HV of WZI Brick Works Heylen , BE-Veldwezelt

  • The DecoBasic is exactly the right machines for our needs.
    Now we have a good mix of production automation to manufacture our show panels for the Wienerberger group and the brick specials as well as to satisfy larger amounts of ...
    Wayne Cook February 2012 Brick Specials Manager, Wienerberger , GB-Waresley

  • We have been using the outstanding cutting machines for more than 20 years
    We are grateful to DecoMachines that we had the opportunity to test for free the DecoBasic in order to cut our hard slip returns for many weeks.   We are in a ...
    Renaat Debrabander December 2011 Plant Manager at Wienerberger Warneton , Belgium