Deco® Saw Blades

As experienced fired brick cutting machine manufacturer we have developed a new range of saw blades in co-operation with Deco®machine users. These blades perform at their optimum at automatic controlled cutting machines with continuous feed and water cooling.We will bring these blades onto the market from Ceramitec 2009.


The blade program consists of two types:
- Type “S” for soft mud bricks
- Type “E” for extruded bricks.


Available diameters:
Ø 300 - Ø 350 – Ø 500 mm


Description of the labelling:
Sawing blades Ø 300, Ø 350 en Ø 500 mm;
for wet cutting (code W);
2 types S (Soft) en E (Extruded);
Bores Ø 25,4 mm (#254), Ø 30 mm (#300), Ø 40 mm (#400), Ø 60 mm (#600) or 
special (#999);

Tooth shape is the penultimate letter;
Anti noise level is the last number.


Example code 35WS254M5:
35 stands for Ø 350 mm
W stands for Wet cutting
S stands for Soft
254 stands for bore Ø 25,4 mm
M stands for tooth shape M
5 stands for noise level 5


Minimum order package 10 pcs.
Blade testing will be made possible.

Deco® texture belts and rollers

We are selling these consumables already for more than 20 years, but we managed to start a co-operation with the best quality manufacturer available.

Despite of the quality improvement, we have been able to keep the prices at the level of 2008, still valid for the whole year 2009.
All texturing profiles from the sample sheet are still possible for the texture belts 1.800 x 350 mm or 1.900 x 350 mm.

We also have the major rollers sets in the common dimensions 82, 101 and 124 mm available for the same textures. Belts and rollers can also be equipped with carborundum layers.

Special sizes and textures for belts and rollers are also possible!

These belts or rollers are also suitable for all existing texturing machines of made “Engels” and “Tebberman” and "W+K".