The majority of our Deco machines will be made available for rent. We will start in 2009 with Rusticators, DecoUni's and DecoBasics, with DecoFilters and bonding room equipment as accesoires.


The brief rentals condition are as follows:
A.     Rental of the Deco machines and equipment is available in periods of 6 months.
B.     Customer is obliged to provide for the cutting machines:
        - 3 x 415 V + Earth and Neutral 32 A
        - Dedicated telephone line with continuous Internet connection
        - Compressed air 600 l/h (only for the DecoUni)
       - Clean water 120 l/min maximum (DecoUni), 240 l/min (DecoBasic)
       - Water disposal or recycling system
C.    Customer will put into place a plan for routine maintenance to include:
       - Daily cleaning of the machine;
       - Lubrication according the manufacturer specs;
       - Replacement of wearing parts which will be supplied free of charge by the manufacturer. These parts exclude the parts which are in contact with the product.
D.     The transport costs for the delivery and return to NL-Andelst will be charged separately at cost.  Customer to provide a 4 tons capacity fork lift truck with extended forks or other suitably agreed lifting equipment.  The installation and commissioning of the machine is not included, but can be ordered separately. Supplier will provide a full manual.
E.     Payments to be made on or before the first day of each month of the rental period.
F.    The rental price for a new DecoUni for a 6 month period is currently € per month.
       This amount includes:
       - The rental fee;
       - The breakdown cover (*) and one service on location at 6 month or 1.000 hours working time;
       - The breakdown insurance.
G.    Hours in excess of 1.000 per 6 months will incur an extra charge of currently € xx each. Consecutive periods will attract a discount of 5 % of the rental amount of the previous period, excluding that element which relates to the breakdown and breakdown insurance cover (currently 15 %).
* The response time is 72 hours after the notification or 24 hours at an additional premium of € xxx / month.
H.    At the expiry of a 6 months rental period the customer will have the following options:
      - Renew for a further 6 months;
      - The purchase of the machine at an agreed discount;
      - Return of the machine to the supplier in Holland.

Available from October 2009:
- 1 pcs DecoUni after a first refurbishment,  at 85 % of the rental fee for a new one;
- 1 pcs DecoFilter 30m3/h seconf hand, at 80 % of the rental fee for a new one;
- 5 pcs Bonded Brick Storage & Curing Systems, incl. scissor lifting facility each with a capacity of 4.000 kg. Rental price at 80 % of the rental fee for  new ones
- 1 pcs Rustic@tor for sanding and profiling, new machine, older model, at 90 % of the rental fee of a new one.


Available by the end of December 2009:
- 1 pcs DecoUni after a first refurbishment,  at 85 % of the rental fee for a new one; 


Expected by the end of the year 2009:
3 pcs DecoBasic, new.