Technical information:

  Former DecoRing®215 New DecoCircle® 2010
Number of sawing units: 2 2
Saw blades per unit: 1 1
Power of saw motor: 15 kW 15 kW
Engine speed: 1 460 min-1 1 460 min-1
Speed of saw blade: 2 165 min-1 2 165 min-1
Saw blade diameter: 350 mm 350 - 450 mm
Peripheral speed: 40 m/sec 35 - 50 m/sec
Production capacity depending on brick hardness medium capacity
- with one operator   max 30 soft mud brick slips OR 30extruded brick slips (operator limited)
- with two operators   max 60 soft mud brick slips OR max 40 extruded brick slips (cutting technology limited)
Water flow: 60 l/min / sawing unit at 3 bar

60 l/min / sawing unit at 3 bar

Length: 6 000 mm 8 meters
Width:: 2 400 mm 4 meters
Clear height with open hood: 1 100 mm 1.5 meters
Total height: 3 200 mm 4 meters
Total weight: 3 000 kg 4 tons
Compressed air: 50 liter/min at 6 bar not necessary any more
Targeted products from soft mud bricks and extruded bricks in all European sizes: Stretcher slips Stretcher slips, header slips, brick extensions

The mentioned values are target figures and subject to change, as the DecoCircle is under construction.

In general:

- For the DecoRing® 215 there is no more reason for existence as the limitation to the cutting of just one extruded brick slip per pass is out of date. Because the circular conveyor cannot hold two bricks next to each other, we will abandon this chain system.

- Modern electronic technologies have caught up the sawing units incorporated so far in the DecoLine® and DecoRing® machines. So we will introduce a completely newly developed very modern sawing unit.

- Roboting will become part of this machine as the operator should concentrate on packing the brick slips and be supported at the loading side of the machine. Also the disposal of debris will go automatically.

- Finally, its price needs to come down and this will become successful due to the aimed measurements.

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